Uplus is an app that allows its users to collectively pull funds together. You could for example use it to save money together for an upcoming birthday or wedding. You can also use the app to directly transfer money to other people.

Our purpose is to simplify the process of collecting funding for Rwandans. Typically, people spend a lot of time collecting money physically or from different mobile money accounts. This can be a real challenge especially keeping track of who collected and how much. Uplus is offering a simple, comprehensive, and innovative solution.

By downloading the app and creating an account, you can easily invite your friends and create a group. By connecting your MTN account or Airtel account, you can start saving together. For the group functionality, each groups selects a trusted treasurer by voting. The treasurer is the only person who can authorize withdrawals –this way, not anyone withdraw money and leave.

Yes, for now all members need a smartphone! We are working on a USSD solution.

Yes, it is. Uplus prioritizes your safety and values your privacy. We collaborate with all our partners to ensure that all transactions are safe and secure. For instance, part of this process entails ensuring that your money is stored in a separate account at our partners as soon as you make a transaction. The safety of your privacy and money is our number one concern.

A transaction fee of 4% is charged as you make any contribution.


Currently, Uplus is partnering with (MTN and Airtel). We do not accept MasterCard or Visa.

Yes, you can withdraw money at any time. Any withdraw has to be approved by a treasurer.

All groups have three treasurers that have to vote on any request.

If the group has three or less than three members, all members are treasurers. When the group exceeds three members, the first three to join the group are automatically treasurers. A voting option is put in place to change the group treasurers if the group exceeds three members. A voting round to change the group treasurers only requires 75% of the group members to vote. Once 75% of all group members have voted, the new treasurers are selected.

Currently, you can not wire money to your bank account.

There are multiple benefits with Uplus, here are a few:

1. Easy to use -o need to manually collect money from you friends, it is all in the app! Smooth and easy with a few clicks in the app!

2. Time saver-It gathers all the transaction information for you in one place so you can quickly overview everything!

3. Safe–Your money is safe with us thanks to our partners: MTN mobile money and bank of Kigali.

4. Quick–Money is transferred instantly so it goes quick to collect money for your events!

Yes, we do! Send us an Email at info@uplus.rw if you need any support.


U PLUS is there for making an easy way for you while wedding contributions,sending money to friends,co-workers and family, so if you have any problem please our location,contacts and email are above.