Business Information

Founded on Sept 2, 2017

Contacts: +250784848236 / info@uplus.rw

Uplus stands for you + me = wealth. A digital crowdfunding platform for Africa which enables people to pool funds together in a group and make something happen like a Savings group, a Wedding party, Investment vehicles, etc...

Why uplus
  • Security: All transaction are secured by a blockchain technology
  • Smarter & Faster: It takes less than a minute to create a group and start recieving your first cashless contribution.
  • CrossBorder: With uplus you can accept contributions from any country any currency into your local currency
  • CrossNetwork: With uplus, money is just money, you dont have to worry about using mtn mobile money or tigo cash, You just contribute as easy as sending an sms.


Smart contributions

With your smartphone, collect money in a group and make something happen!
Like: Wedding, birthday party.

Village Savings Groups

Village Savings And Loans Associations uses uplus to manage and secure their contributions


Churches use uplus to accept donations from any source easly and stay connected whith thier church members.